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Alba Trio (FSC Furniture)



This furniture design project is an participatory effort for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Design Award 2014. FSC is a global, non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide. The competition provides an ample opportunity for upcoming designers to express creativity while addressing global awareness on sustainable wood use.

Competition requirements indicates that submissions must be mainly composed of wood, hold commercial potential, and include sustainable elements based on the FSC principles.



Submissions for this year’s award focus on exploring the theme of Storage. Participants are asked to investigate, to expand, and to interpret their ideas on storage within the award premise. Commercial values such as flat-pack ability, cost control, and use of recycled materials are among few of the design aspects addressed throughout the design process.



ALBA is an ensemble of oak masts designed for display of garments and accessories in entryways. 

Inspired by family living apart, each part of ALBA represents all of us that may live away from our roots or loved ones. Sharing similar nature and qualities, each part also displays distinctive characteristics, signifying how we evolve through varied experiences. Despite of branching out, these entities are joined and brought together by a ring of trust, which ultimately support and balance each other. 

Although this project started out from a personal point of view, I believe it may resonate with many of us who share similar experiences, all across the globe.


Update: ALBA is currently in the preparation phase for commercial production by Trip Trap.