Simple play is a rarity these days. Today's youth are growing up in a global environment saturated with technological stimuli. Physical learning tools that facilitate cognitive development and social interactions through play are now being replaced by online games and tv programs. This project focuses on developing a product concept for children of 2-5 years, by encouraging them to learn through physical play. 



In collaboration with Vancouver Westside Montessori school, Andreas Øye and I conducted interviews and visited classes to develop a better understanding of our target group's need. Our research includes expert interviews on early-educational techniques, short explorative workshops with kids and parents, and usability tests of concept prototypes. By using simple geometric shapes, we aim to develop an interactive toy that encourages children to experiment with play. 



Aloeii is an interactive design for children from 2-5, using simple shapes to promote active learning. Our goal is to encourage children to work with their hands, and learn through interactions with others. Our project research include ergonomic studies, and collaboration with Vancouver Westside Montessori school.