Nagaon Village 


A re-development project for the centre square in Nagaon village, India. The study emphasises anthropological field work, site study, and culture research for designing in context. The project encompasses 6-week field study in India, to research and develop viable design concepts to be presented to the local residents. The following page presents a fraction of research data collected and documented. 

In collaboration with Studio Mumbai ; Team: Joakim Jørgensen and Emily Lin 


The 6-week research and fieldwork included visits to local organisations, residential groups, participation in community engagements, interviews, field observations and workshops with local residents. My primary focus and efforts are directed towards developing an understanding of local lifestyle, social interactions, use of public spaces, and any underlying community concerns and needs. 

We discovered the central village square is a space that is essential for day-to-day social exchange for all residents. It is where children come to play, local women gather for neighbourly gossip, seniors for afternoon chats, and most importantly- the highlighted community event of weekly market on Thursdays. 

However, the central square space is far from ideal- stray dogs and lack of street borders are reasons of huge concerns for children's safety and accessibility. Hence, our team has chosen to focus on improving the usability and spatial designs of the central square that will improve public safety while maximising spatial comfort and social interactions. 



The proposed design proposal incorporated architectural motifs of laddering steps and street-level sitting spaces in India around the central square space borders. We presented the research insights and design proposal to the Nagaon village in the community hall, allowing the village board and local residents to vote on their preferred direction for development. 

These kids pictured on the right are one of the highlights during our stay. They are our first workshop participants and our biggest advocates with the local folks. Our thanks go out to their bright smiles and generous hearts.


Village Square re-design