NTT Technology Foresight 

Challenge / 


As the world's fifth largest IT services company, NTT Data collaborated with Designit in 2015  to define a future where Big Data turns into Relevant Data- and plays a prominent role in our connected lives. Applying these enormous data sets to areas such as infrastructure, food supply, and the environment, means big changes for our future societies. To visualise and communicate this potential, a series of short films is used to present the vision in everyday settings.


Role / 

My involvement with this project included concept development, design research, creative brainstorm, and visualisation of future interactive scenarios. Collaborating with the Motion team and the Digital Experience team, we produced a series of short films covering everyday scenarios such as shopping, entertainment, preventative healthcare, and travel.  

Below is the ''Future Vision'' based on the NTT Data Technology Foresight, 2015. Individual films of each scenario are available for viewing through the link below.