Senior Liv


Senior Liv is a part of the community revitalisation initiative in ''New Angles on Tilst'', a community engagement project focusing on building the foundation of social awareness and sense of community in Danish communities.

Located approximately 10km West of Aarhus, Tilst is a suburban area with large city blocks and traditional residential areas. The area has an unofficial reputation of a “sleeping city”, and is known to have misdemeanour crimes and issue of vandalisms due to social class segregation. In collaboration with DemokraCity™, an organisation specialising in urban social initiatives, we collaborates with local residents to devise social initiatives to improve the local community identity. 



The design team includes Niels Ove Kildahl, Simone Foss Brink, Malin Engvall, and myself. Our focus in this project is dedicated towards the senior group. As an essential part of a social innovation project, we believe it is vital to stay true with co-creation and user-centric design process. Our challenge is to identify design opportunities with potentials to better senior lifestyle in Tilst. 



During the research process, we conducted fieldwork research, and reached out to the local senior community to identify shared concerns. Using interviews, local visits, and user-workshops, we gather data to map out the senior network. Our findings show that senior residents in Tilst long for a collective voice and identity within the local community. They aspire to connect better with other social groups, yet they lack the means to do so.

In collaboration with the three key senior social groups in Tilst, we help founded 'Senior Liv', an initiative run by representatives from each organisation. With a shared web platform that promotes senior activities, Senior Liv stands as a collective identity for the senior body to connect with each other as well as with other social groups. By gathering forces, the existing senior groups can align community initiatives and advocate for a shared vision. 

In addition to Senior Liv, we also helped the senior community organise the 'TILST WALK', a 3.6km scenic route which celebrates specific locations in Tilst of cultural, social, or geographical significance. Featuring “markørs” throughout the path, visitors are invited to experience Tilst in a different light, hence to encourage each other for new interactions and social gatherings. Derived from the senior community’s knowledge and lifestyle representation, TILST WALK is a manifestation of seniors’ presence and their active participation of the local community. It will serve to become the active lifestyle bridging factor between different demographics in Tilst.

tilstwalkmap-cropped (1).png